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FPE Media nationally creates, produces, and distributes educational and informational content. To further its goals of educating the public, and to reach the largest audience as possible, FPE Media utilizes the largest possible number of distribution channels. FPE Media distributes content through internet Streaming, TV Broadcast, Radio Broadcast, and, of course, the Florida Prep Express website.

Two methods of content creation are employed by FPE Media, Self-Produced and Funded Films. Self-Produced movies and videos are produced by, or in association with, FPE Studios, a division of FPE Media. Self-Produced films are usually low budget and distributed only through the Florida Prep Express website. Funded Films, on the other hand, are usually produced by a third-party studio, most commonly JMovies and Jcorp Animation Studios. Funded Films are higher budget films funded by FPE Media and distributed locally, and nationally, through Television broadcasts, Radio broadcasts, and Internet Streaming.

Featured Content

Florida Prep Express Math Lessons High School math taught, and mastered, with FPE Math videos. Averaging about 5 minutes, this self-produced series is perfect for reinforcement, and intervention... Visit Webpage

The American Revolution From Declaration, to Independence, the story of the war for independence brought to your television. Touching on all major battles and turning points of the war. It also touches on major people involved in the war such as Thomas Paine, Paul Revere, William Dawes, George Washington and more. Hear excerpts from such important works as the Declaration of Independence and the "Midnight Ride of Paul Revere". Watch animated battle animations and maps, pictures of re-enactments, illustrations, and other exciting visuals... Visit Webpage

The History of: Details the exciting history of everyday objects like the Computer... No Website Available

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To contact FPE Media, email us at fpe@florida-prep.org, or fill out the form below.

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