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          In 2014, a new, growing technology company called Jcorp USA launched a small, unassuming website for a project they were creating. The project, called Florida Prep Express, had grand plans. They envisioned a website that teachers and (home schooling) parents could use to teach to the the-new Florida Standards (released that very year). They envisioned full support for those standards in the subject areas of Language Arts and Math; for all grades. A small technology team set out to build such a platform..... As Jcorp grew (drastically), they threw money at Florida Prep Express hoping it would grow, gain in popularity, and turn a profit (by that time, we were charging for district subscriptions; while remaining true to our mission of being free for teachers and students). However, our still-small curriculum team couldn't keep up; we gained and lost users; and never turned a profit. 

         In the end, FPE was an amazing concept, a fun project, and a great experience; but, for the (very few) teachers and districts who rely on it to complement their teaching, we just couldn't support them. In 2019, after celebrating 5 years of building FPE, the team at Florida Prep Express was informed that Jcorp does not intend on further up-keeping the project.

         Jcorp learned some valuable lessons from the experience; and they will not go to waste. In August 2019, Jcorp will officially launch a brand-new, exciting LMS -- Platform, "The LMS you can build on". Platform will not be a replacement for FPE; in that it will not serve the same purpose, but it will continue our push to serve education in the best ways possible. It will be built on the latest and greatest web technologies; have a stronger, better team; and try to better support its users. Jcorp is, by now, an experienced web development company, and we did not take the decision to retire FPE lightly; but we do believe that it is in the best interest of our users to streamline our education-market efforts into a wider-appealing project that we can support for the distant-future.

        I want to thank our users for supporting us as we continued to grow, build, and attempt to create a better platform -- though, we failed. I also want to thank the districts who kept us going for so long, we wouldn't even be here for a "soft" retirement without them. I want to thank the team at Jcorp that worked so hard to put so many dedicated days into building something they believed in. I hope they put that same dedication into Platform. Scratch that; I know they will. If any teachers have any data on FPE, they are encouraged to make an effort to export it by July 1st. FPE will remain active though this busy FSA season and will not officially close until just-prior to the beginning of next school year. Please consider using Platform (teachers will be able to sign-up for free starting August 1st; we will be accepting Clever, Google, Active Directory, and Classlink integrations for districts, so feel free to contact us) for many of the functions you now use FPE for --- and so, so much more. Again, Thank You.

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      Joshua Sadule
      Chief Marketing Officer
      Jcorp USA (jcorp-us.com)

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